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Propane Tank Recertification

Most propane cylinders can be recertified while you wait as it usually only takes about 15 – 20 minutes. If your cylinder has propane in it we will have to burn it off before we can recertify it and this will take a little longer or if you wish you can pick up your cylinder another day.

Refilling the cylinder once recertified is an additional cost. Current propane prices will apply. On August 1, 2018, the propane price was $0.80 per pound.

TempHeat is licensed to recertify most propane cylinders including these popular sizes:

      • 5 lb. used mostly for camping
      • 10 lb. used mostly for camping
      • 20 lb. BBQ size
      • 30 lb. used on most RV campers
      • 40 lb. used on some larger RV campers
      • 50 lb. used for commercial, industrial, cabins & cottage
      • 60 lb. used for commercial, industrial, cabins & cottages
      • 100 lb. used for commercial, industrial, cabins & cottages
      • 200 lb. used for commercial, industrial, cabins & cottages
      • 420 lb. used for commercial, industrial, cabins & cottages
      • 20 lb. floor burnisher cylinders
      • 33.3 lb. forklift cylinders
      • 43.3 lb. forklift cylinders
      • Most balloon cylinders

Propane cylinders must be recertified every 10 years. This means that the relief valve must be replaced and the cylinder must be visually inspected. A new stamp is embedded into the steel collar to show the latest inspection date. In order to replace the relief valve, the cylinder must be completely empty of propane. If the cylinder is not empty when brought to be recertified, the propane must be burnt off. Tempheat is capable of doing this but it does add to the waiting time.

Propane cylinders may not be recertifiable due to excessive rust, pitting, gouging, or denting. Cylinders are not recertifiable if they have been involved in a fire, show signs of bulging, dented welds, or collars or foot rings that are broken or damaged.

As of January 1, 2008, all cylinders with a propane capacity of 45 lb (20kg) or less, manufactured or recertified, must be equipped with an OPD (Overfill Protection Device) valve. Cylinders with a propane capacity over 45 lb (20kg) are manufactured and recertified with a POL valve (left hand thread). Cylinders manufactured or recertified before January 1, 2008 will be allowed to be filled until 10 years after their date of manufacture or recertification date.

Propane appliance tanks that are permanently mounted to vehicles or structures do not have to be recertified but they must be visually inspected every time they are filled to ensure that they are acceptable for use.

Automotive tanks used for motor fuel must be inspected and recertified every 5 years at a government approved facility. Tempheat is not licensed for automotive tank approval.

Problems with propane tanks on vehicles and recreational vehicles (RV’s) can usually be repaired if the problem is directly attached to the tank. (i.e. valves, regulators and hoses) We do not do service propane engines or any appliances still in RV’s. These problems should be dealt with by an approved repair facility or an RV dealer.


Typical recertification stamp:

MM -> 2 digit recertification month
XXX ->3 character Re-qualifier’s registration number
YY   -> 2 digit recertification year
E     ->States the cylinder has been externally examined

WC -> Water capacity of the cylinder.
TW -> Tare weight of the cylinder (what the tank weighs empty)
ICC, DOT, BTE, CTC or TC -> Specification number eg. TC4BA240
10 89 -> Date of manufacture (October. 1989)

Hours of Operation


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